Blood Pressure Assistant
Easy, day-to-day blood pressure management on iPhone and iPad
Blood Pressure Assistant helps you to log, manage and analyse your daily blood pressure readings.
Easy Data Management
Blood Pressure allows you to easily log and manage all your blood pressure data. Once done, you can always export your data allows to perform further analysis using spreadsheet tools like Excel or Numbers.
Data Analytics
Charts provide you a quick oversight of the development of your hypertension. Just turn your iPhone to landscape to access weekly, monthly and yearly charts.
Beautiful Design
An App isn't supposed to just work. Blood Pressure Assistant therefore features a modern and intuitive design which makes it really easy and fun to use.
For a healthier You
The American Heart Association recommends home monitoring for all people with high blood pressure. Blood Pressure Assistant assists you in creating a time lapse picture of your readings to better determine whether treatments are working.
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Available for iPhone and iPad
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